About Paula

I have been involved with dogs most of my adult life.  

I've owned a number of different breeds, from GSD's to Border collies, Staffie crosses, terriers and a Moo (a very special crossbreed-true bloody line unknown, but a crazy girlie-sadly no longer with us).

My present 2 dogs are a collie cross, old and grumpy and a crazy 2 year old whippet?

I've trained and competed in agility, flyball, heelwork to music (very badly!), canix (slowly) and have done 
training demonstrations at Crufts. 

​I have a COAPE Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training. 
I am a Proud member of the APDT & ABTC
so therefore my training techniques have been assessed and i have to prove my on going learning and training yearly to remain a member.
So all my training is Kind, Fair and Effective
I am now one of a very few FitPAWS Master Trainers within europe. This means i have completed a phyiscal course, passed an exam and completed a series of case studies in running fitness classes for dogs

I decided to take on a Puppy School franchise in 2015


I know that the early training of puppies is so important and it is very important that it is done correctly. I wanted to know that I was doing just that and with the in​depth training i received, which is on going, so ..............


I know that Puppy School classes give your puppy the best start in life


My Puppy School classes are monitored regularly to ensure high standards.


All Puppy School Tutors are well trained in the latest training techniques, as well as in human and animal behaviour. I attend regular refresher courses for tutors ensure that I stay up-to-date.